Our Mission

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Our goal was to help athletes and runners perform their best by helping them overcome foot, ankle and back pain.

As chiropractors, we have prescribed countless custom insoles, but let’s face it, they’re not cheap!, and the alternative, ‘off the shelf insoles’ are flimsy and don’t offer the protection and pain relief you need.

We wanted to offer a product that not only help athletes perform better and reduce the risk of injury, we wanted our it to respect the environment. So that’s why we set out to create a superior quality insole using only premium materials and selecting as many natural and renewable materials as possible.

The result, is an amazing insole that protects your feet and doesn’t harm the environment during production.

ATOP Performance Insole

Our Insoles

ATOP eco friendly Insoles for running

Our insoles are designed to meet 3 key criteria: 

Quality Materials & Craftsmenship

Every component of our insoles was carefully selected and designed to offer maximize comfort, pain relief and performance

Durability & Testing

Our Insoles have been tested on real athletes over a period of 1 year to ensure they last and don't lose effectiveness


The single most important part of our insoles is that they must be able to help athletes and runners improve their performance. This means less pain and more energy

Research & Development

How ATOP Insoles Are Made

ATOP Insoles are NOT your typical off the shelf Insoles. 2 years of research and development combined with 10 years of experience in athletic therapy went into creating these Insoles. 

They were made using direct feedback from athletes and marathon runners who suffer from foot pain or have gone through extensive rehab due to injury.

How ATOP Insoles Are Made

Our Team

Ben Payne is the founder of ATOP Premium Insoles. Together with his team of chiropractors and bio-mechnical experts, they researched and developed  the ATOP Premium Insole.

Ben and his team are located in Spain and have treated professional athletes and marathon runners from all over the world for various injuries. He has applied his experience and knowledge to create the ATOP Insole.

Giving Back

That’s why ATOP has partnered with One Tree Planted to plant trees all over the world.

We pledge to plan 1 tree for every insole sold.