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Runners Guide

Advice and Tips to help runners and athletes to perform their best

Why athletes are wearing insoles and you should too

An injured runner’s journey to foot pain relief Key takeaways Foot pain prevents anyone from getting the most out of physical activity Insoles support the feet as shock absorbers Insoles help prevent and relieve foot pain Athletes subject their bodies to incredible amounts of shock as they push their limits to jump higher, run faster, and kick farther. The brand

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The Overall Top 5 Best stretches for a 5-kilometer run

The legendary 5K run! Preparing for a 5k run is your first step to becoming a long-distance road runner. The 5k is a fairly popular race that occurs over a stretch of ideally 5 kilometers, it is the shortest of all road races with the classical races being the 10k (10-kilometer distance), and up to 42 kilometers in official marathons.

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Why your feet hurt when you run and what you can do about it

Running is tiring enough but having to do it with hurting feet makes it way too unbearable. Sadly, there are so many reasons your feet could be hurting after a good run and today we will be discussing the most probable causes. Improper footwear This is a no brainer, if your foot ware is too tight or doesn’t fit properly

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How to get back to running after having a baby

A whole lot of biological changes occur in the body after having a child, these changes range from hormonal to physical changes including weight gain amongst others. Life after childbirth doesn’t have to be so different than it was before and studies show that most women can continue physical activity in no less than six weeks after having a baby.

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Everyone experiences pain every now and then especially with physical activity. If you run regularly, jog, or are into any form of activity or sport then you are probably no stranger to ankle pain. If you experience general foot pain after running or if you keep on asking why do my ankles hurt after I run, here are the most

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flat feet vs fallen arches

What’s the Difference between flat feet vs fallen arches

Flat feet also known as pes planus is a physiological malformation that occurs with the arches of the feet being closer to the ground than normal. Flat feet and fallen arches are necessarily the same thing, fallen Arches is the term used to describe acquired flat feet in adults. Adults who had normal feet from birth but develop lower arches

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